Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Givingism Under The Stars: Saturday August 11th, 2012


Logo_Givingism_under_stars_FLYER2.jpgSO...... What is this GUTS all about?

“Givingism Under The Stars” (GUTS). The word “guts” is an informal word for courage. It is that which gives us strength of mind to act in accordance to one’s beliefs. It is that which gives us strength and determination to deal with adversities to achieve what we want. And many times it is that “guts” that is needed to move ourselves to do things different, to make a difference for ourselves and for others. But what can give us courage to do things different in a time when we hear so much negativity around us? How do other people stay positive, persevere, make a difference in the lives of others yet find happiness and lead a fulfilling and meaningful life?

These questions are answered on the evening of Givingism Under The Stars by people who will inspire you to do the same. With their real life stories, their music or their talents they will show that no matter your situation you can still make a big difference in the lives of others. Their experiences are worth spreading and will uplift your soul. It is with this renewed sense of hope, courage and willingness to make a difference that we can fill ourselves with the positivity needed to GIVE to others to create the Curacao that we all need and deserve.

We invite you to go somewhere different, do something different, experience something different, to get something different.......GUTS!