Tuesday, January 26, 2021

We are excited with our first fundraising dinner & auction together with Rotary Club of Curacao. This fundraising event will not only raise funds for our foundation to keep spreading Givingism in different ways, but will also help six youth organizations to raise funds to help them towards realization of their dreams.
Thank you to all the companies and people who are helping us in making this fundraising event possible. Thanks for giving!


guts2give flyer2 2014Givingism Foundation strives to inspire and motivate people to give unconditionally for a better community.

Come celebrate Thanksgiving month with us at the third edition of Givingism Under The Stars (GUTS). Be part of this magical evening where prominent local individuals with GUTS-TO-GIVE will share their real life stories. You may think you know these individuals well, until you hear their stories. They are bound to inspire you and give you hope!

This evening will be hosted by Diana Lebacs and Laura Quast, and will include music and other forms of expressive art.

flyerg2g-edited2The 2nd edition of Givingism Under the Stars brings real people sharing extraordinary life stories that will inspire you and lift you up.

This time the theme is Guts 2 Grow. Reaching our dreams, going beyond limitations and achieving success takes guts! Some amazing people will share their inspiring stories and the most important lessons they’ve learned on their journey of growth that we can all apply to our own life.

On Sunday May 5th, 2013 Givingism Foundation has held another event to inspire more giving. We launched Givingism last year with our first event called "Danki G! Festival". Danki stands for "Thank you" and G for "Giver". This event was held first on April 1, 2012 and then this year on Sunday May 5, 2013. At this event both givers and receivers experienced the joy and power of unconditional giving in an inspiring and fun way. Everything at the festival was FREE! Entertainment, play area, shopping, services, workshops, advices, ...... all were given away by many generous givers who believe in the power of giving, because they want to make a positive contribution in the lives of others. The more givers we have, the more we can inspire others to join and make Giving again a great way of being and living, which eventually will benefit our whole community.

Are you too a giver? Would you like to experience the beauty and power of giving? Join us on next year around April/May 2014 Curaçao for a day filled with positive giving.

WAW flyer

WAW is short for "Who Are We", a reflection of our islands' youth. WAW will convert the streets of Punda into a "G Village" showing youth in action.

They will take the stage to inspire you from their hearts with their enthusiasm and originality. Their challenge? To use their creative minds to GIVE and express what they envision for their future, OUR FUTURE!

Their energy, creativity and unique style will make you go WAW!



Logo_Givingism_under_stars_FLYER2.jpgSO...... What is this GUTS all about?

“Givingism Under The Stars” (GUTS). The word “guts” is an informal word for courage. It is that which gives us strength of mind to act in accordance to one’s beliefs. It is that which gives us strength and determination to deal with adversities to achieve what we want. And many times it is that “guts” that is needed to move ourselves to do things different, to make a difference for ourselves and for others. But what can give us courage to do things different in a time when we hear so much negativity around us? How do other people stay positive, persevere, make a difference in the lives of others yet find happiness and lead a fulfilling and meaningful life?

These questions are answered on the evening of Givingism Under The Stars by people who will inspire you to do the same. With their real life stories, their music or their talents they will show that no matter your situation you can still make a big difference in the lives of others. Their experiences are worth spreading and will uplift your soul. It is with this renewed sense of hope, courage and willingness to make a difference that we can fill ourselves with the positivity needed to GIVE to others to create the Curacao that we all need and deserve.

We invite you to go somewhere different, do something different, experience something different, to get something different.......GUTS!